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My Late Night Savings Adventure to Albertson’s

So maybe the commercials for Albertson’s do lie… but if you mix their half-truths with my coupon genius it makes for a very good night.

What I bought and how I saved:

(*For those of you reading in the local Mountain Home area, aka- Slitmywristsville, you can’t typically get double or triple coupons in the local Albertson’s ad, but you can get them in the Boise ad, which I happen to get from my Mom.)

What I bought and the original price: Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting Off to a Rough Start

Just as I was creating this blog our world came tumbling down… we have lots of faith in God to get us through, but smart financial decisions will be necessity for a while. I started to learn about couponing and frugal ways of life out of want. I was led by a desire to provide the most I could for my family. We’re small but we have family spread out all over the country, we’d like a house one day, and while loads of money will never be what makes us rich, having a little extra in the bank gives us a definite feeling of financial security. However, we found out 3 or so weeks ago Chris will be losing his job with the Air Force which now makes frugality a necessity.

It’s a long story, one that I’m just not going to bother re-hashing, but the Air Force announced it would be cutting back 3,700 Airmen and Chris just happened to be standing in front of the firing- no pun intended. God blessed me with a sense of calm from the beginning and while we’ve had our moments of trying to control our life, we are constantly reminded that if we want to get through this unscathed we’ve got to put it in God’s hands. The job search began yesterday and we’re casually looking at rentals and for a second car. Read the rest of this entry »

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