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Homemade Biscuit Recipe!

These biscuits are perfect for any meal of the day. Have them with sausage gravy for breakfast or serve them as your bread with dinner… the possibilities are endless. I tried them recently for the very first time while on our family trip to McCall. I was in charge of fixing them and I’ve only made biscuits a few other times before and that’s mostly because I’ve never found a recipe I’ve liked. However, this one takes the cake!

You can add any ‘extras’ in that you’d like, as well. Throw in a handful of cheese and some chopped bacon or paint them with garlic-herb butter when they’re fresh from the oven. However you eat them, I hope you truly enjoy them!


2 C Flour

1 T Sugar

1 t Salt

4 t Baking Powder

½ C Butter

2/3 C Milk

1 Egg

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Homemade Baking Powder Recipe

Baking Powder

1 t Baking Soda

1 t Corn Starch

2 t Cream of Tartar

Mix thoroughly and store in air tight container.

What’s the reason for making your own baking powder? Whether you’re in a pinch or wanting to control what’s in your food, having this recipe on hand in convenient and easy. Some commercial baking POWDERS contain aluminum which can be detrimental to your health, particularly your brain. You can buy aluminum free versions, but it’s not uncommon for them to cost more. Check out your local prices on aluminum free baking powder and cream of tartar. If you can’t find a good, cheap source for cream of tartar it may be best, financially speaking, to buy aluminum free baking powder.

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Ten Tips for Tuesday: Money Saving Round Two

1. Save oodles of money by preserving seasonal produce! When berries are in season you can get them for a steal- same with citrus. I bet if you look around in your area you’ll find that prices drop to unbelievable prices on certain produce in the appropriate times of year. That’s because of a huge increase in supply. Yes, you can buy berries in the middle of December and you can get good quality if you get frozen because they are preserved at the peak of ripeness. Either way, it will still almost always cost you more. This year I found strawberries on sale for 98 cents a quart. It’s only July and they are already up to $1.78 at our cheapest grocery store. I made it a point to buy extra strawberries when I knew they were at rock bottom prices so that I could pop them in the freezer and have them all year round for the best price possible. I just found another good deal at our local restaurant supply store and stocked up on even more. When citrus comes into season this coming winter I’ll be canning mandarin oranges. Whenever something is in season, I make a point of preserving as much as I can in whatever way we like so that we can have it whenever we want for as little money possible.

2. Many people don’t even consider making your own pet food but it’s such a money saver and it’s SOOO worth it. Not only does making your own dog or cat food allow you to control what goes into your pet’s food, it saves you money in multiple ways. Besides the fact that your cats and dogs will begin to eat less over time because they are getting what they need in concentrated form (because most commercial brands bulk up their foods with fillers like corn, rice, and potatoes) they’ll also cost you less in hygiene and veterinary care over their lifetime. Feeding cats and dogs a natural, raw, and healthy homemade diet improves skin conditions, gives shiny coats, and increases health over an animal’s lifetime reducing necessary veterinary care costs as your pet ages.

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Ten Tips for Tuesday: Vegetable Glycerin

Here are ten uses for an uncommon but useful and economical product- vegetable glycerin.

  1. Mix salt, baking soda, peppermint (or your favorite) oil, and vegetable glycerin into a paste and store in an air tight container. You now have healthy, homemade, and CHEAP toothpaste. Another bonus… toothpaste contains fluoride which, in excessive amounts, can be harmful and even lethal to your health. The average American receives enough fluoride through their drinking water and doesn’t need the extra fluoride they receive from toothpaste and mouth rinse.
  2. Don’t waste tons of money on products for curly hair that just don’t work. Mix equal parts water and vegetable glycerin in a spray bottle with a fine mist. You can also add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Shake vigorously before each use and sprits on your curls. Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant so it helps hair keep its shape while fighting frizz. The water is important however because without it the vegetable glycerin will get jealous and suck moisture out of your hair verses locking it in. The water also helps prevent ‘crispy’ curls. Others can use this spray as well as a natural hair spray that will have a double action as a leave-in conditioner.
  3. Make your own body scrub by mixing vegetable glycerin, olive oil, used coffee grounds, and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. Mix ingredients together thoroughly and use as a scrub in the shower. The grounds will exfoliate for you while the olive oil and glycerin hydrate your skin and lock in moisture. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ten Tips for Tuesday: Yogurt

Ten Not-so-Common Uses for Yogurt

Yogurt is so much more versatile than most people realize. Use it in homemade beauty treatments, for cooking substitutes, healthy desserts and SOOOO much more!

  1. Mix ¼ cup plain yogurt with one teaspoon lemon or orange zest, one tablespoon honey, and one tablespoon of aloe vera and mix well. Use a soft, clean paint brush or cosmetic brush to apply an even layer of the mixture from forehead to the bottom of your neck. Let the mixture sit on your skin for 15-25 minutes and rinse well. Follow up with a thin layer of aloe vera or your favorite face lotion and viola! That’s a truly natural and healthy chemical peel that promises to leave you glistening rather than looking like your face was carpet burned.
  2. Place your favorite fruits in the blender with some yogurt (I use about a cup of yogurt per frozen bag of fruit). My favorite is pineapple with strawberries and a dash of fresh orange juice. You can also add a dab of sugar or your favorite sweetener of choice- but you don’t need it. Puree and mix thoroughly. Place into a freezer safe dish or storage container and freezer over night. Who knew healthy homemade frozen yogurt could be so easy?! Read the rest of this entry »

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