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Ten Tips for Tuesday: Vinegar

So, I’ve decided to start my first regular blog posting. Welcome to 10 Tips for Tuesdays! This is my first edition and I already have about 10 weeks planned out.

10 Uses for Vinegar

1. Sanitize. Vinegar has natural sanitizing properties. I keep a large spray bottle or two around the house and use it for counters, toilets, door knobs, light switches- you name it! Yes, it does smell for a bit, but the smell dissipates quickly. You can also be happy knowing that using white vinegar for every day all-purpose cleaners prevents saturating your home with unhealthy chemicals, dyes, and fumes that can lead to a host of health problems including neurological damage and fertility problems.

2. I use that very same spray bottle on my windows and mirrors. Vinegar can remove even the toughest of streaks and it does the hard work for you. The best way I’ve ever found to clean windows and mirrors in both my home and in my car is to use an old cotton t-shirt to wipe down glass surfaces sprayed with white vinegar.

3. Remove Odor. It doesn’t matter if your new puppy left a puddle for you on your new carpet that smells to the high heavens or if you stored spaghetti sauce in a plastic storage container and you just can’t get the smell out, soak your container, carpet, and even your garlic hands in white vinegar and you can kiss that odor goodbye! Read the rest of this entry »

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