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Cents on the Dollar

Turn a 10 cent meal into a $10 meal.

Ramen anyone? Yes, I know, it’s not glamorous, but it gets you by in a pinch and it’s part of eating from the pantry.

I didn’t have anything thawed for lunch today and I didn’t want to spend money picking something up. Chris’ solution was ramen so I figured I’d join him but I needed more than just noodles.

Here’s my up-scale version of ramen! Enjoy!

2 packages ramen

2 baby bok choy

2 handfuls broccoli slaw

2 green onions

8 slices char siu

Boil ramen noodles with seasoning packet. Add bok choy and broccoli slaw. Add char siu and let meat heat through. Place in bowls and top with sliced green onion. Viola!

This entire meal cost about $1.25 for the both of us. If you bought this out and about, even at a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant, it would set up back $10 a piece.

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