Welcome to It Makes Cents to Me! I’m Megan and I’m here to share my journey through couponing, saving, and frugal living with you.  My husband and I live in Idaho and we’re going through the thick of this economic climate right with you. Life is never easy and money being tighter these days just adds to the stress. However, I hope to create a little breathing room for both my family and your’s with a little creativity, some good organization, and a little dedication.

My Story:

I started couponing in October 2009 out of want. Gas isn’t cheap and food and grocery costs climb faster than pay raises come so creating a passive income was a way to better afford life and be able to squeeze more out of each paycheck. When I started reading blogs about couponing I was slightly overwhelmed, but I sat down with the ads and the coupon inserts and it became very clear, very quickly. With a few minutes of planning each month and a few more each week it was easy to create an organized, low maintenance system that was about as hassle free as couponing can get. I didn’t just stop at couponing, however. I’ve used things like white vinegar, peroxide, baking soda, lemon, steam, and salt to clean my house naturally (for the most part) for years. Why should I stop now? Yes, I do use coupons to buy a few green cleaners here and there but I try to keep my home as chemical free as possible. By supplementing natural cleaning products for toxic ones, I cut back on chemicals and money spent. I’m also planning for the future. Our next big purchase will be for a stand alone freezer that we’ll buy out-right with cash. This will house freezer jams, meats and seafood, vegetables, stocks and sauces, and a few other things that I find on sale and stock up on when they’re at rock-bottom prices.

However, my frugal endeavors and attempts to simplify life while creating extra money became more of a need than a want in January 2010. In December 2009, about two weeks before Christmas, we learned that Chris would be unexpectedly separating from the Air Force and within a month it was very likely that neither of us would have jobs. Being jobless came and went quickly (Praise God!) but that doesn’t mean we didn’t take a hit, financially speaking. We’re a little worse for the wear but with smart financial decisions, frugality, and simplifying life we still managed to keep about half our savings which is already well on its way to what it used to be. It was so comforting to know that taking preventative measures ahead of time left us with less to worry about. We made weekly grocery runs to buy a  few fresh items and a few things that I had coupons for and that were on sale, but for the most part we ate fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains that I bought weeks, and even months, before Chris separated.

It’s now nearly a year later and I can happily say that everything is fine. We’re both trying to find our niche in the world and money is still tight but God has provided for our every need- we’ve even acquired a few wants. So for now we’re continuing to rebuild our savings, planning for the future, and living happily with our beautiful kitties: Alex, Macie, and Petta.


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