Ten Tips for Tuesday: Yogurt

Ten Not-so-Common Uses for Yogurt

Yogurt is so much more versatile than most people realize. Use it in homemade beauty treatments, for cooking substitutes, healthy desserts and SOOOO much more!

  1. Mix ¼ cup plain yogurt with one teaspoon lemon or orange zest, one tablespoon honey, and one tablespoon of aloe vera and mix well. Use a soft, clean paint brush or cosmetic brush to apply an even layer of the mixture from forehead to the bottom of your neck. Let the mixture sit on your skin for 15-25 minutes and rinse well. Follow up with a thin layer of aloe vera or your favorite face lotion and viola! That’s a truly natural and healthy chemical peel that promises to leave you glistening rather than looking like your face was carpet burned.
  2. Place your favorite fruits in the blender with some yogurt (I use about a cup of yogurt per frozen bag of fruit). My favorite is pineapple with strawberries and a dash of fresh orange juice. You can also add a dab of sugar or your favorite sweetener of choice- but you don’t need it. Puree and mix thoroughly. Place into a freezer safe dish or storage container and freezer over night. Who knew healthy homemade frozen yogurt could be so easy?!
  3. I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand mayo or miracle whip!!! It is a rare occasion to find them used in my kitchen and typically the only reason they’re anywhere in sight in our kitchen is for my hubby to use in his lunches. Instead, I use plain Greek yogurt or yogurt cheese and mix it with pesto, ranch mix, curry powder- you name it, and place it into pita, on sandwiches, in dips and so much more. The possibilities are endless… wherever you find mayo or miracle whip, you can sub yogurt!
  4. If you love your pets as much as I love mine you treat them like they’re your own children. So yes, that means I spoil my pets! I mix yogurt, peanut butter (I use pure ground peanuts from the grinder at Winco- no chemicals, fillers, added oil or sweeteners for my babies) and a drizzle of honey in a food processor and pop it into an ice-cube tray. Let them set up for several hours and use an offset spatula or a butter knife to help you pop them out of the trays. I don’t use exact measurements- so eyeball it. If I had to guess I’d say I use about a cup of plain yogurt, ¼ C peanut butter (maybe a  bit more) and a tablespoon of honey. It takes about five minutes to throw this together and get them into the freezer but your dogs will so appreciate the extra love you show them with these treats. I used to have a Yorkie that was diagnosed with a terminal congenital heart murmur. He wasn’t expected to live more than a year (he was a puppy and I had just got him) – my heart was broken. But I came up with this concoction when I chose to feed him homemade food and about 18 months later he went in for a check up with the vet. His heart murmur was almost non-existent and he was expected to live a full life… that’s what love can do for your pets!
  5. Forget about expensive supplements and prescription medicine to fix digestive issue. The truth is, while they might make you feel better for a while, your body will adjust and go back to suffering. Instead treat yourself to the many treats you can create with yogurt like a parfait, frozen yogurt, fruit pops, or berry soup and let the good bacteria found in yogurt regulate your innards. It will take several weeks, maybe even a month or two, depending on how serious your problems are, but by letting nature heal you, you will prevent further damage that will lead to ongoing suffering and health effects that will impede on your life.
  6. Yeast is a natural part of life and can be found EVERYWHERE! However, when our body’s pH levels get out of whack yeast can be a huge problem.  One of the fastest ways to fight yeast infections on men, women, and children alike is to apply yogurt topically to the infected area. The good bacteria in the yogurt will help your body’s immune system fight the infection and get your pH back in order.
  7. If you make your own yogurt or yogurt cheese you likely have pondered what to do with the yellowish liquid that is the byproduct. If you don’t already know, this liquid is whey (yes, like the song). Whey protein powder sound familiar? Well, if you don’t know, whey protein powder is used by physical enthusiasts and body builders to help build muscle. A two-pound container of 100% whey protein powder can easily cost $50-$60. However, if you just add a couple of tablespoons or so of your whey liquid to smoothies, oatmeal, and a myriad of other foods and drinks you’re getting the exact same thing- for free. The only difference is the liquid hasn’t been powdered yet.
  8. Love hummus but not all the calories from the oil? Sub yogurt for your oil and you’ll get a smooth and yummy hummus with a fraction of the fat calories by using low-fat plain yogurt. You’ll also add lots of vitamins and protein!
  9. Help your garden grow! Whether you’re updating your home with a landscape project or moving into a new home it can be difficult to bring a homey feeling to a brand new garden. However, adding moss can add an age look to a garden and help it feel more natural and less arranged. That being said, getting moss to grow quickly can be difficult, but not if you have the right tools. Throw some common moss into a blender or food processor with a cup of yogurt and blend for 30 seconds. Use a paint brush to apply the mixture to wood, rocks, stone pathways, pots, etc. The yogurt mixture will encourage moss growth and create the look you’re going for faster. Spray the moss frequently until it’s well established but not so much that you wash it off. The moisture encourages growth by keeping things damp.
  10. Lighten up your favorite baking recipes by substituting half the butter in a recipe with plain yogurt. Not only will this cut fat and calories, it will also add protein and essential vitamins. Brownies just got healthier! Just remember, this won’t work in every single recipe so use trial and error to determine which recipes this substitution is suitable for and which recipes are better off left alone.

With all these uses for yogurt you’re sure to waste nothing! Do you have any unusual uses for yogurt? Don’t forget to invite your friends to visit It Makes Cents to Me!


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  1. 1

    Thanks, Megan, I was aware of a couple of these, but many I was not. I am anxious to try them because I love yogurt and always have it on hand. I am really looking forward to trying some of the treats for my babies.

    God bless and thanks again,

    Tammy 🙂

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    Morph said,

    Hello there, just a quick comment to share that i am new to your website however I am undeniably the latest fan.

    • 3

      Hi I just realized that I never replied to you… sorry about that.

      I’m so happy to hear that! I’d love to hear any feedback you have and if you ever have a topic you’d like to know more about let me know!

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