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Free Webinar by GNOWFGLINS

Hi Everyone!

Life is good but busy right now. I’m in the thick of canning and I’ve almost found the entire garden through the weeds. Another day or two of hoeing weeds and it should be picture ready. It hasn’t been a great year for gardening because of weather but nevertheless I’ll share my experience with you. I’ll also update you soon about canning.

In the mean time, I wanted to let you  know about a free webinar on culturing dairy at home that’s coming up on September 9th.  This is a wonderful way to save money and is a great option for those of you who find it difficult to save money on whole foods through couponing.

Wardeh at GNOFGLINS has put on several of these free webinars lately and I’ve really enjoyed them. This is a great introduction to her blog and materials and a perfect way to see if you’d be interested in participating in her ecourses.

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!


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