If at First You Don’t Suc-seed, Try Again

As I mentioned the other day I’ll be writing about having a home garden and my successes and failures. Not to discourage you, but rather empower you by acknowledging that mistakes will be made and life will go on, I’ll be starting out with my first failure of the year.

Last year I grew my first garden and it was a HUGE learning experience for me. Two years before that I had tried to plant a few seeds on the porch and neglect them as much as possible with the hope that something would come of them. Clearly, that year, I hadn’t done any research or planning, let alone made an actual attempt to provide a nurturing environment for my plants to thrive in. Last year was different, though. I did some research, used actual plant starts, lived in a new place with a much more suitable environment for growing, and gave it my all. While the garden by no means was a flop, the production was marginal, at best. However, as I said before, it was an incredible learning experience and set me up for what will hopefully be a much more successful garden this year. I mean, a person has to start somewhere, right?

So, after what seemed like an eternity, also known as a long winter, I began to have hope that spring would actually come when the ground began to thaw, weeds were sprouting in my bare beds, and webs (eekk!!! I’ll explain another time) started to appear outside. Each day and week would past and eventually the smallest of buds appeared on bushes, brassicas and pansies appeared on nursery shelves, and lawn furniture made its way into store displays. Last week I noticed the first yellow blossoms on bushes throughout town, magnolias nearly bursting from their buds, and spring bulbs blooming everywhere. Finally, spring, despite her constantly changing weather, is here!

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I’m sure by now many of you have realized that I haven’t posted anything for 6 months (give or take) and that even the facebook and twitter pages have been rather silent. That’s because life has been happening and on the side I’ve been contemplating the actual purpose and direction of this blog. I’ve come to a conclusion, for the most part, and I hope that you’ll decide to stick with me. That being said, those of you who follow along for the good deals may be disappointed. While you may still hear of a good deal, a great sale, and couponing topics, that won’t be the main focus of this blog.

I’ve realized that there is soooo much more to living frugally and saving money than couponing, sales, and deals, and that my readers deserve the chance to know about those other option. I knew about these things prior to ever starting this blog but it wasn’t something I’d planned (for the most part) to put into cyberspace. However, I want this blog to show who I am, how we live, and what works for us. These things may or may not work for you and/or your family, but I hope that even if they don’t, they inspire you to find out what does work for you and how to put it into place.

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FREE Photo Canvas and the 30 Day Giving Challenge

I SOOO encourage all of you to check out the Facebook or Twitter page for some awesome deals, including a FREE photo canvas!

Also, you can find information about the 30 Day Giving Challenge that I will be participating in this year. It’s hosted by Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First and it’s going to be BIG this year! I’m incredibly excited about it!

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Just to Tide You Over

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give you an update. My little fingers are typing themselves to death but things are moving along on the new pages. In the mean time I just wanted to remind you that you still can get lots of info on great deals, news, etc. on Facebook, Twitter and blogfrog. If you’re already on blogfrog, after you add me be sure to add the It Makes Cents to Me! community where you can join in and be a part of discussions about things related to It Makes Cents to Me! and its content!

Again, while I’m not posting tons of stuff here, I’m posting (almost) daily deals by the handful on Facebook and Twitter and the feed goes to blogfrog too!

Thanks for checking back!



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Proof that Coupons are SOOO Worth it!

Do I have a whopper of a shopping trip re-cap for you! Unfortunately, today was the last day of the sale so you won’t be able to go out and do the same but I still wanted to share this with you for those of you who have doubts about whether coupons are really worth it.

Here’s the run down!

What I Bought:

Find out how I did it by clicking the ‘read more’ button.

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New Sections Coming Soon!

I just wanted to let everyone know that while posts are never really ‘regular’ on here they will continue to be sporadic for the time being. However, it’s for good reason. I’m happy to announce that I will be working on coupon tutorial pages! They’ll be the basics of couponing and possibly some more advanced stuff. But let’s face it, that’s one of the easiest ways to cut that grocery bill in half and so I’m going to devote an entire section to couponing and shopping sales! In the mean time, please be patient with me. I’ll be working on them and putting them up as quickly as I can but since this will be more than just a simple post I’m going to devote some extra time to them.

In the mean time, if there is a specific topic you’d like to hear about or a question you’d like an answer to I’d love to hear from you! You can post it in the comments section below or email me at itmakescentstome@gmail.com. I’d also really appreciate you spreading the word about It Makes Cents to Me! with your friends, family, co-workers, fellow church goers, random people at the grocery store or just anyone who could benefit from the content here or is looking to keep a little more of their family’s income in their own pockets.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m also happy to announce that you can now find It Makes Cents to Me! on Facebook and Twitter! Again, for now, posts will be sporadic as this is a one woman operation for the time being, but I’ll do my best to get everything done in a timely matter. I truly appreciate your support and patience!

God Bless,


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Recipe: Kalua Pork

This recipe for Kalua Pork is a staple in our house. We love it! We eat our favorite foods from Hawaii pretty often around here and this is a perfect fix if you have a craving but not a lot of time. Since there’s only two of us this makes more than enough pork for left overs. I typically pick up a piece of pork shoulder that’s a little over five pounds and we eat it for a meal or two and I have enough to save at least two meals worth. It works great for freezing, reheats nicely, and is versatile. While we almost always eat it as Kalua Pork there are times I’ll mix it up with some homemade bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches or mix it with some spices and turn it into pork carnitas. Whatever you use it for, I’m sure you’ll love this incredibly easy and delicious recipe!

Serves: 6


3 lb Bone-In Pork Shoulder

2 Pinches Hawaiian Salt

1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon Liquid Smoke


Add two teaspoons Liquid Smoke to bottom of slow cooker and a pinch of Hawaiian salt. Place pork shoulder into cooker and top with remaining two teaspoons of liquid smoke and half pinch of Hawaiian salt. Secure lid and cook on low for 10 hours turning over half way through cooking time.


This recipe is easy to adjust according to the weight of your pork.  Cook 10 hours for every three pounds of meat. Check your local health food store for Hawaiian Salt. If you’re still unable to find it you can easily order it online it makes a difference! Serve with steamed green cabbage, sticky rice, and mac salad.

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