Proof that Coupons are SOOO Worth it!

Do I have a whopper of a shopping trip re-cap for you! Unfortunately, today was the last day of the sale so you won’t be able to go out and do the same but I still wanted to share this with you for those of you who have doubts about whether coupons are really worth it.

Here’s the run down!

What I Bought:

Find out how I did it by clicking the ‘read more’ button.

6- cans creamed corn

24- cans green beans

30- cans tomatoes (several different types and flavors)

3- boxes Fiber One Bars (for my mom)

1- box Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Trail Mix Bars

1- iodized salt

1- non-iodized salt

2- Campbell’s Soup at Hand

8- Progresso soups

2- 100 oz Tide Free and Clear

2- 20 pack Coca-Cola products

12- yogurt cups

1- 6 oz. container of raspberries

Price and Method:

For the 60 cans total of creamed corn, green beans, and tomatoes I bought 10 Del Monte $1/5 coupons off eBay ($1.50 with free shipping) the first day the ad came out. I then used the $2.00 OYNO on 9 of the 10 sets of 6 (Yes, that did mean 10 separate transactions) and used a double on the manufacturer’s coupon that was located in the ad. The veggies were on sale for 59 cents a piece and the tomatoes were 79 cents a piece.

The Fiber One Bars and the Nature Valley Bars were $1.75 WYB 4. I had two coupons for 50 cents off one and one coupon for 50 cents off two.

The Albertson’s salt was on sale for 59 cents for 26 oz (I believe) and I need to clean the bottom of my pots (copper) and wanted to add a source of iodine to our food storage so this was a perfect opportunity.

For the Soup at Hand I had a 50 cents off 2 and they were on sale for $1.00 a piece. The Progresso soups were also only $1.00 each and I had two coupons for $1/4.

For the Tide, I normally wouldn’t spend this much on laundry soap but I was able to get Free and Clear so it was worth it. They are normally about $13.99 around town and at Albertson’s they’re $16.99 regularly. I had two coupons for $1.00/1 which brought them down to $8.99 a piece which is pretty good for Tide and for a Free and Clear style laundry detergent.

There was also an ad in the paper this past Sunday and in it was a coupon for $3.99 for a 20 pack of Coca-Cola products. I know that’s not the BEST deal I can get on pop but it’s still 10 cents under my limit and is a buck cheaper than I can often find 20 packs of any brand so I got the limit of two. (*Pop helps keep the peace around here so until Chris decides to give it up I have to keep finding it for reasonable prices.)

I also wouldn’t ordinarily buy Yoplait yogurt. I eat plain full-fat greek yogurt out of a bulk sized container and I’m perfectly happy with it. However, Chris is not, so since there was a sale and coupons to combine and he needs the benefits of yogurt I decided it was worth it. I had another coupon from the weekend flyer for each yogurt to be 39 cents, limit 12. I also found two printables online for 40 cents off 6 which brought each cup down to 33 cents a piece. Knowing my husband, that’s enough yogurt to last some time and for the time being I won’t have to sneak yogurt into his diet when he’s not looking.

On my large transaction (everything but the veggies and the tomatoes) I also used three doubles for a total of $3.00 off.

By the end of the trip I also had a surplus of catalinas because had I used them on my canned veggies, I would have forfeited about 46 cents (I believe) or I would have had to add some random piece of something or other to my order. Instead, I opted to keep the extra 6 worth $2.00 each and so I’ll have $12.00 off next week’s grocery total. And just to add a little whipped cream and a cherry to the top of my savings sundae I received a $1/2 Select Harvest soup coupon and because I had 11 receipts total I will have 11 chances to win a $100 Albertson’s gift card just for taking a quick survey about my experience.

(*I have to give a little shout out here: I can’t believe this but I didn’t even catch the name of my checker. I’d like to give her a HUGE thank you!!! I have never had a need to make so many transactions at once before and by the time she was ready to ring me up I’d unloaded my ENTIRE cart onto the check stand. Apparently you can do up to three transactions in a row but then you have to go to the end of the line and wait your turn to go again. Bless her little heart, she roped off her check stand and let me do it all at once instead of making me put most of the cans back in my cart and sending me back through. In all honesty, I didn’t know of this policy until she told me tonight and so I’m absolutely grateful to her for not only informing me for the future but for also showing me grace since it was my first time doing more than two transactions. Typically, if I need to do a second transaction I just send Chris through a second line and tell him exactly what he needs to do and it takes care of the whole thing. What AMAZING customer service! It’s times like these that reassure me that shopping there is truly worth it!)

The total retail value for all this is $222.44. Between my PC savings, my store coupons, including doubles, and my manufacturer’s coupons I saved $161.08. That means my total Out of Pocket for this trip was a whopping $61.36! I bought 93 items total and if you average that out that’s less that 67 cents for each item! It also means that I saved over 72% on my grocery bill!!!

I can’t imagine that after reading this people would be all that skeptical about couponing. If you’re thinking, ‘But it takes so much time.” I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. I spend 15 minutes or less a week organizing, printing and cutting coupons, including matching them to sales. It’s really so easy you can’t afford to not use coupons. This means that in 15 minutes this week I made $161.08 in passive income for my family. Think how big that number would grow over weeks, months and even years. Imagine being able to put an extra $161.08 cents on a credit card you’re working to pay off or to use it as an extra payment on a mortgage or car loan. If you don’t have debt (good for you!) then think of what that money could add up to in your savings every year! You may not have to wait to retire after all!

And just a quick heads-up, this coming week is COUPON ROUND UP!!! Yay! We had this awesome deal several weeks ago and it’s back just in time to match up with some great coupons! Cross check it with your coupon flyers and printable sites and you can find some amazing deals!


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