Ten Tips for Tuesday: Money Saving Round One

Ten Money Saving Tips

(*Sorry to all my readers for this Tuesday’s post for being late. God says that I am a daughter to him first, and a wife to my husband second. So on Tuesday I was spending time with the hubby. Better late than never!)

1. Don’t bother spending money on store-bought spice blends that are FULL of salt and preservatives and cost an arm and a leg. Instead, take a few minutes to research spice blends and rubs online and on your next lazy afternoon throw a couple together. Store them in air-tight containers to protect the flavor of your hard work. Remember, spices should be replaced within one year so keep track of how long your blends have been around and renew them accordingly.

2. Save money by using natural products to clean with. Use products like white vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon, and essential oils to clean your home, car, and even your work place naturally. You most likely already have these things in your cupboards anyway. Don’t waste your left over lemon from tea or cooking. Instead, dip the flesh of your juiced lemon in salt and clean the bottom of your copper pans or any other copper you have lying around. The salt is your abrasive and the acid in the lemon gets tough on all that grime and with a little scrubbing your copper will be right back to its old self! For those of your who are skeptics, know that vinegar truly will disinfect your surfaces. If you want proof, fill one spray bottle with peroxide and one with white vinegar. Go to your sink or any grim-filled area that you need to clean. Spray the area first with peroxide and watch it bubble away. Follow up with the vinegar and let it sit for a minute or two. Rinse the area well (if you want, the smell will go away either way, rinsing just speeds the process), then dry, and follow-up with the peroxide. If you’ve done a good job cleaning and you let the vinegar sit for a minute or two, your peroxide won’t fizz the second time.

3. While I don’t personally recommend 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner I do recommend a different 2 in 1 that can save you time and money! (When is that not a good thing?!) Don’t bother buying a soap for dishes in the sink and a soap for the dish washer- just use the same soap for both. I typically use Palmolive but pick up Dawn when I have a coupon and there is a good sale. Both of these work great for dishes in the sink and they happen to work just as well in a dish washer. One note- be careful how much you use. Liquid dish soap is concentrated so you only need to use a little. I aim for about 1/4 teaspoon in the pre-wash and about 3/4 teaspoon in the regular wash. This in IMPORTANT and I am telling you this FOR A REASON! I was well accustomed to this but when I converted my husband when we were first married it took some reminding for him to change how much soap he used. His reminder happened to be suds flowing out the bottom of the dishwasher and having to use a fan to dry underneath the fridge.

4. Ever notice how much that sulfate-laden (don’t get me started!) shampoo or soap suds when you lather it? That’s because today’s products are full of sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate and other toxic chemicals that create tons-o-suds but that are oh-so-bad for you. If you aren’t willing or able to switch to a toxin-free variety of shampoo, hand soap, body soap, face soap- you get the picture, thin it out. As I use my face soap, etc. I add a little water and shake the container well to mix it all together. I happen to really love how light and foamy it makes my face soap but it also saves me money by stretching it out. When I fill the soap dispensers with hand soap (I add it to dish soap as I use it) I leave a little room at the top and fill the rest of the bottle with water (maybe 1/5 of the bottle) and give the bottle a few flips up and down. Viola!

5. Laundry soaps were chalked full of chemicals as it was and now they are even more concentrated. Save your clothes and your skin by only using half the soap the lid calls for. I have been doing this for YEARS and I promise you it gets the work done just fine!

6. Replace Pledge by placing 1/4 cup olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice in a spray bottle. You can use a regular spray bottle or invest a little more money on a kitchen oil sprayer. Shake the bottle vigorously before each use.

7. Again with the chemicals, I know, but have you ever read the ingredients on the back of microwave popcorn? I’ll come clean and admit that I keep a box around. (There is a reason for this and that is that hot oil, popping corn, linoleum floors, and my husband really just don’t mix. So when I’m not feeling well he throws a bag in the microwave to prevent accidental death by popcorn for all parties involved.) However, making your own popcorn is inexpensive, easy, and MUCH healthier for you and your family. Buy a bag of popping corn at your local grocery store. Set one kernel in the bottom of a pan with about 1/4 inch of oil in the bottom and heat on medium-medium high. Be sure to use an oil like canola or vegetable that can withstand high heat. If you’re looking for a healthier option I suggest grapeseed oil which has a very high smoking point and a neutral flavor. When the single kernel pops you’ll know the oil is ready. Place however much corn you’d like to pop in the oil and as those kernels start to pop keep the pan (you can shake or use a spoon) moving. While the popcorn is still hot add whatever toppings you’d like. This is a perfect time to start trying new toppings. Chris loves furikake which is a seaweed rice topping (yuck!) and I love Hawaiian Salt (sea salt, pepper, garlic, ginger) but you can try powdered cheese or melted chocolate with toffee pieces. Use your imagination!

8. I’m not the thrift shop type but if you are pick up an old mason jar or buy some neat jars next time you’re out and about. Fill them with things like vegetable glycerin, almond oil, lemon peel, coarse sugar, sea salt, peppermint or lavender oil, or anything else you love to put on your skin. Mix your concoctions together and store them for your own use or add a pretty ribbon and a nice tag for a perfect last-minute gift. These from-scratch beauty treatments cost a lot less and are better for your skin. Pull up your favorite search engine and find recipes to try. Once you get the hang of things try your own combination. Just a note, some homemade scrubs will last longer by storing them in the fridge or a cool, dry, and dark place.

9. Ditch that high-priced cable or satellite service. Today you can find just about anything you want to watch on the internet. Try a service like NetFlix. You can find lots of shows and movies to watch instantly and you’re even able to watch them instantly on your television with a little help from the internet and several receiver options. No, NetFlix isn’t free, but it’s only a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite. You can also check with the networks your shows are on. Most post all their shows and keep several episodes up at a time in case you’ve missed an episode. This also prevents the cost of services like Tivo and the need for a DVR because you can watch the shows in your own time. If you can’t find the show you’re looking for try a service like Megavideo or Vureel.  Most of these types of sites are free, but again, if they aren’t, they still only cost a fraction of the cost of other cable services.

10. Save on your water bill by collecting and using grey water. You can collect the water that comes out of the faucet while you’re waiting for your shower or kitchen sink water to heat up in a pitcher or bucket and use it for things like filling your pets’ water bowls or making juice. However, you can also use grey water such as water collected in your shower or dish water to water plants and dry spots in the lawn. You don’t have to worry about the soaps in your water because the ground and the plants absorb and filter the water before it makes it back to you and your family. This not only prevents waste, it saves you money!

Do you practice any of these tips? Do you have other tips you’d like to share? I want to hear from you! Leave me your ideas or suggestions in the comment section below!


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    I LOVE your blog…I use vinegar, all the time. I also use it for shampoo and product build-up on my hair and it makes an excellent fabric softener (not super-smelling). Also, I discovered the liquid dishwasing soap, doing double duty in the dishwasher as well, years ago. It’s amazing for clothes, too. Especially, you mentioned Dawn…on greasy clothes. I really appreciate the work you do here. Blessings, love, and prayers..Tammy 🙂

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