Come to Jesus: Best Buy

Come to Jesus

I had quite the religious experience the other day, and in of all places, Best Buy. As I grow further and further in my walk with Christ I become more and more aware of Him and His works in all areas of my life. Over the past six months, but especially the last three months, He has been speaking both LOUDLY and CLEARLY to me. While I haven’t been perfectly obedient, I’m doing my best to do what He would want me to do with our money. He is blessing us and providing for us during these difficult months while Chris was losing his job and out of work, so who am I to disobey His commands? The GOOD news is that Chris has a full-time job now that he will be starting in a couple weeks and I am working part-time, as well, to help provide for our small family.

As I said before, God is working in our lives and we are doing our best to listen to Him and be obedient to His plan. We’ve had several dilemmas where we’ve had to think about need vs. want in the last several months knowing that money was a limited resource and that we had to make the most of it. I can’t honestly say we’ve made the ‘best’ decision EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (the ability to repent is a true blessing of grace) but I truly feel we can say we’ve never made the worst decision and we always strive to do what’s in the best interest of our current and long-term goals to be good financial stewards of our money. Yes, just like the rest of you, we have moments of weakness where we decide to eat out once in a while but we try to be reasonable about it. We also have moments where we don’t plan ahead like we know we should and pack a lunch to take with us but we do our best to eat on the cheap in those situations. The only time we’ve really splurged for the last 3 months (which is a very long time for us- we don’t have kids yet, can you tell?) was this past weekend. On Friday we celebrated an early Valentine’s with dinner out on the town, but that was only because we knew we both had jobs and new found sources of income to replenish the money we were spending.

Now onto our ‘come to Jesus’ moment…

Once I had found a job, Chris and I decided to go ahead and move to Boise so that it would be less of a commute for me (and would save more money in gas) and it would be easier for him to find a job in the local area. We found a place rather quickly and decided to rent it despite the fact that we would have to buy a fridge. Yes, that meant shelling out more money, but we already own (not on credit) our washer and dryer and figured the next step for us it to buy our own house and this way we’ll already have our own appliances when the time comes.

In our search for a fridge we took a quick peak at prices online and then headed out to the stores. We narrowed our search sites to Best Buy, Sears, and Home Depot. My aunt had told us of a place in Nampa that sells appliances for cheap but we figured with the gas to get there staying in Boise would likely be cheaper than to drive all the way to Nampa not knowing whether or not we would find something we really wanted.

We got to Home Depot and the second I walked in the door I realized my ideal price of $700 wasn’t too realistic. However, they did have a fridge we quite liked and the sales clerk was nice enough to let us know it would be on sale the next day and that if we opened a Home Depot account we’d save an extra 10% and could turn around and pay it off immediately. It was a possibility, but we still had looking to do.

Next stop was Best Buy and after taking a quick spin around the fridges we came to realize cheap and fridge don’t often go together.  We also realized that our fridge at our current apartment is even smaller than we thought and had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when we realized why our fridge and freezer are constantly bursting at the seams. We found a fridge that we didn’t love but liked for a price that wasn’t wonderful but was significantly less than what we had found so far. About that time a friendly old man in a blue shirt walked up and helped us out. He also pointed out the very same fridge we were looking at for less money because it was simply an open box. I’ll explain what that means since it will come into play later. For those of you who don’t know, the only difference between an open box fridge and a regular fridge is poor planning. Someone had purchased the fridge and it didn’t fit so they returned it and got a different fridge. However, since the box for that fridge was opened they discount the fridge because it becomes a ‘floor model.’ This fridge became a better option since it went down from $845 to $669. However, the sales person also pointed out a second open box fridge that was nearly identical to the $2,699 dream fridge I found online. The only difference was one tiny drawer that I could definitely live without. The fridge was originally $2,299 but had been discounted to $1,699.

Last, and in this particular case, least liked, was Sears. No prospects for good prices or well-liked models.

At this point we decided to go back to Best Buy because they had the best buys. This is our ‘come to Jesus’ moment. We returned to Best Buy and took over 90 minutes walking back and forth from each fridge comparing space, price, quality, design, need vs. want, and ‘prettiness.’ Here were our determining factors:

Cheap Fridge

  • Cheap with a savings of $176- from over ideal price to under ideal price!
  • White- yuck!
  • Single side hinge door- yuck!
  • Clear drawers and shelves making food more visible and preventing waste- Plus!
  • The most ghetto moisture control you’ve ever seen- whatever, these are always a joke!
  • Only 22 cubic feet of space- bigger than our current, but in my opinion, not big enough!
  • $45/year energy star rating- good!

Expensive Fridge

  • Expensive with a savings of $600- Zoiks! That’s good but $1,000 over my ideal price!
  • 27.5 cubic feet- PLUUUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • True stainless steel, no fake stainless steel-looking material- Ooo la la!
    • Clear drawers and shelves making food more visible and preventing waste- Plus!
    • French doors with a bottom pull out freezer with two drawers- Please, oh, please!?!?
    • The most ghetto moisture control you’ve ever seen- whatever, these are always a joke!
    • Alarm on door to notify you of open door on both fridge and freezer to prevent waste- !
    • Water filter with water and ice dispenser in door- Plus!
    • Water dispenser can be set to deliver up to 4 cups of water in ¼ cup measurements directly into dish to prevent excess dishes- Have I mentioned we HATE dishes!?!?
    • Water dispenser has swivel-out ledge to fill pitchers and large water bottles- Plus!
    • Electronic controls/readings for temp, alarm, time and date, ice/water settings- Plus!
    • $60/year energy star rating- not horrible but still over a dollar more each month.

And then God’s little voice whispered to me! I’m sure you can imagine the pro’s and con’s that occurred to me with both options above. This is essentially the conclusion that my conscience and God came up with. For decades people have lived with fridges that met their needs without costing $1,699. Most, if not all, didn’t have stainless steel, a water filter, an alarm, 27.5 cubic feet, french door, a pull out bottom freezer with two drawers or a swivel water tray. Obviously, we decided on the boring white fridge that isn’t pretty or sparkly but it’s functional and it meets our current needs and I know God must be happy to know I heard His voice and that I LISTENED to what HE was saying. I also considered that for the price of the white fridge and a stand up freezer we plan on buying later this year that we’ll still save $300-$500 dollar by not buying the more expensive fridge.

Because this is just a beginning fridge that’s fairly basic but that we’ll have for some time I decided to pay the extra $118 dollars for a five-year warranty. It includes up to $200 in food loss, which isn’t a lot, but it will help in case something should happen, as well as maintenance repairs should something go awry with the fridge or freezer. This took me over the $700 I planned on spending but when considering the prospect of buying a whole fridge and freezer worth of food and a new fridge vs. shelling out $118 divided by five years the latter was the more responsible thing to do. And while Home Depot delivered for free, Best Buy had a $29.99 delivery fee. However, this cost was covered by a $30 energy star rebate that we will receive from Idaho Power for buying an energy star approved fridge.

While I am very happy with the decision I made, I’ll be quite honest and say that the following conversation happened between Chris and I at the cash register while our 70-something year old Best Buy member was trying to figure out how to use a computer:

Chris: ‘We made the right decision.’

Me: ‘I know we did but I thought doing the right thing was going to feel better.’

Then I realized what a poop that made me and apologized to God, thanked Him for his guidance- despite my resistance, and got over it. The fridge was delivered last week and the property agent couldn’t be there so we let the delivery men in and while it’s not as pretty, it’s not stainless steel, and it’s not nearly as big, it fits in that kitchen to a T. And this is where I say, ‘Thank you, God!’

So what do you think of our decision? Which fridge would you have picked? Do you consider financial stewardship when making a big purchase? Do you consider financial stewardship on small purchases? Let me know in the comment section below! I want to hear from you!

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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    Megan, I think you’re amazing! Your maturity astounds me, please don’t be offended by that statement for it is very unusual in your age group. I always consider stewardship when making a purchase and this has not always been the case. I am so glad you consult God on everything, I’ve had at least 3 good Jesus moments myself lately…Thanks for all you do 🙂 Tammy.

  2. 2

    […] should be able to answer the question for you. However, if you really are having a problem deciding (re: Come to Jesus) think about how God would want you to spend your money? Are you making a decision that impacts the […]

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