Ten Tips for Tuesday: Aloe Vera

Ten Uses for Aloe Vera

1. Substitute Aloe Vera for shaving cream if you find yourself in a pinch or if you are looking for a ‘greener’ alternative. Slap on the Aloe and let it lubricate and moisturize your skin at the same time! It can also be used as a substitute or replacement for lotion on those newly shaven legs!

2. Drink Aloe juice (find it in the health food stores) to help fight diabetes. It lowers your blood sugar and it also helps soothe and heal your digestive tract.

3. Reduce puffiness! No need to freeze spoons… keep your aloe in the fridge. Whether you’ve had a long night or watched a tear-jerker before bed, when you wake up to puffy eyes grab your aloe out of the fridge and put a small dab under each eye. Rub it in in a circular motion. The movement and the coolness of the aloe help reduce puffiness and break up fluids in the eye area. (It’s a lot cheaper than $20 eye creams.)

4. Drink Aloe juice to lower your triglycerides and cholesterol to promote a healthy heart!

5. Even skin tone! Put a small layer of Aloe on your face to moisturize. It will also reduce redness from rosacea, dark spots, and smooth skin texture and color.

6. Make your own brow gel. No need to spend $10 on .2 ounces of brow gel. Add a brow powder or eye shadow that matches your brow color with Aloe Vera and store in an air tight container. Apply with an angled brush.

7. Don’t worry about your eye liner smudging. When using a powdered shadow for eyeliner it’s easy to remove and/or over-smudge your eyeliner. When applying with a fine-tipped or angled brush first tap it in a small dab of Aloe Vera and then into your powder. The color still stay put longer so you don’t look like a raccoon by lunch time.

8. Scars and Stretch marks. The key to reducing scars is increasing cell reproduction and renewal. The key to preventing stretch marks is to thoroughly moisturize skin. The key to reducing and/or eliminating stretch marks is increasing cell reproduction and renewal. That key we’re looking for is Aloe! Not only does Aloe moisturize your skin, it creates a barrier that holds in the new moisture and it heals the torn skin. Stretch marks happen when the skin stretches faster than it can produce elastin so it tears beneath the surface. By moisturizing often with Aloe you take a preventive measure against stretch marks. With continued use, should stretch marks happen, you’ll help the deeper tissues of skin heal faster and restore itself to prevent further damage.

9. Don’t put harsh and toxic chemicals on your hair. Use Aloe as a conditioner in the shower. However, don’t stop there. Use a small dab of Aloe on your hair as a leave-in conditioner. It will prevent greasy roots that silicon products can cause while conditioning, moisturizing and smoothing the hair cuticle to give you controlled and smooth locks.

10. Treat burns. We’re not just talking about sunburn here, folks. We’re talking about curling irons, irons, burners, pans, grease… YOU NAME IT! Aloe helps remove the damaged cells and regenerate them with new and healthier cells to prevent scarring and to quicken healing time.


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  1. 1

    stretchmarkfree.wordpress.com said,

    Interesting post but there are better ways to deal with stretch marks.

    • 2

      Thanks for your input. However, I didn’t say aloe was the best way to handle stretch marks, the point of the post was to list a simple, natural, healthy and inexpensive way to prevent and treat stretch marks.

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